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  • Amy Myers

Chocolate making experience kits are here, just in time for Mother's Day!

Give your mom a box of chocolate, and you'll feed her sweet tooth for a day. Teach your mom to make chocolate, and her sweet tooth (and probably yours too) will be sated for a lifetime.

I am sooooo excited to finally announce my new Chocolate Making Experience kits. Folx keep asking me if I can ship them chocolate, or sell chocolate during the Summer months. Unfortunately, because of Cottage Industry laws and hot Texas Summers, I haven't been able to oblige.

But I've found a super fun work-around that will end up being a gift that keeps on giving!

Enter the Chocolate Making Experience kit. I've put together a package with all of the premium organic ingredients and specialized tools you need to make your own gorgeous and delicious treats at home.

Each kit includes raw organic cacao powder, raw organic cacao butter, and pure organic maple syrup along with a silicone chocolate mold, spatula, and a recipe card (with link to a video version of the recipe). AND... all of the packaging is recyclable or compostable ( the bag containing the mold will decompose almost completely in less than a year).

I'm doing a small run of 10 kits for the initial roll out, so be sure to nab yours today! Click on the shop page to scoop one up.

Happy Chocolate Making!

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