some of my favorite ESSENTIAL OILS & their benefits

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

natural sun protection, antioxidants, anti-aging

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

natural sun protection, antioxidants, anti-aging

Lavender Essential Oil

calming to help reduce redness and puffiness

Geranium Essential Oil

reduces inflammation and irritation, and improves circulation

Frankincense Essential Oil

helps reduce the appearance of acne, and other, scars

Vetiver Essential Oil

helps reduce inflammation, and the appearance of scars and wrinkles

some of my favorite HERBS & their benefits


Referred to as "Bone Stitch" for it's tremendous healing qualities, is excellent at mending wounds, cuts, burns, bruises, itches, and most skin problems.


Used in much the same way as Arnica.

It is an antiseptic, and helps prevent the formation of pus on fresh cuts and burns.

It quickly relieves the soreness and favors the healing process, which relieves the pain in wounds.


Rich in antioxidants, rosemary has excellent pain relieving properties.

Known to relieve many aches, pains, and even gout.


This fabulous herb is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Useful on burns, insect bites and minor skin irritations

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